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Adding Social Networks

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Ping.fm connects to your social networks in a variety of ways.  You can find the list of supported social networks or services you have not yet added to Ping.fm here: http://ping.fm/networks/.  Each of the social networks listed will support one or more posting methods which you can enable or disable.


I. Standard Authentication Websites


"Standard Authentication" refers to sites that require a username and password to hook into their API. 


Here is a list of standard authentication websites: Twitter, Plurk, Tumblr, Identi.ca, BrightKite, Plaxo Pulse, LiveJournal, Bebo, Hi5, Mashable, Kwippy, Xanga, Wordpress.com, Rejaw, Yahoo360, Koornk, YouAre, Multiply, Yammer, Utterli, imeem, Vox, TypePad and StreetMavens


  • Enter your username and password and click submit.  If your credentials are correct, you will be redirected with a confirmation notice that the network has been added.


II. Facebook (http://ping.fm/facebook/)


  • Click the Facebook Connect button and login to Facebook if necessary.
  • Click "Connect"
  • Click the link to grant permissions
  • Click "Allow Publishing"
  • Select which methods you want supported


* You can only link one Facebook account to one Ping.fm account.

* Application settings on Facebook can be found here: http://www.facebook.com/editapps.php


III. MySpace (http://ping.fm/myspace/)


  • Click "Link Ping.fm to MySpace" and login if necessary
  • If you are already logged in, click the "Continue" button


* Application settings on MySpace can be found here: http://profileedit.myspace.com/

* Blogs are not currently supported by the MySpace API.

* If selected, microblogs will be used in the same manner as a status.


IV. AIM Status (http://ping.fm/aim/)


  • Click "Authenticate Ping.fm" and login to AIM if necessary
  • Click the "Grant Always" button


* AIM Status is not viewable from all AIM compatible clients (such as Trillian).

* If selected, microblogs will go to your AIM Profile.

* Application settings for AIM can be found here: https://my.screenname.aol.com/


V. GTalk Status (http://ping.fm/gtalk/)


  • Enter your GTalk username and password and click submit.


* GTalk Status is only compatible with GTalk shared status clients such as GTalk, GMail, and Digsby.

* If GTalk status fails to update, try selecting "clear custom messages", and/or disconnecting and reconnecting your client.

* If selected, microblogs will be used in the same manner as a status update.


VI. FriendFeed (http://ping.fm/friendfeed/)


  • Enter your Username and Remote Key


* Your FriendFeed Remote Key can be found here: http://friendfeed.com/remotekey


VII. Friendster (http://ping.fm/friendster/)


  • Click "Ping.fm for Friendster" and login to Friendster if necessary.
  • Click "Add App"
  • Enter your Ping.fm application key (http://ping.fm/key/)
  • Click "Click here" if to mange your Friendster settings.
  • Check Status updates and Micro-blogs and click Submit.


* You can only link one Friendster account to one Ping.fm account.

* Application settings for Friendster: http://www.friendster.com/widget_myapps.php


VIII.  Jaiku (http://ping.fm/jaiku/)


  • Enter your Username and personal key


* Your Jaiku personal key can be found here: http://api.jaiku.com/key


IX. Yammer (http://ping.fm/yammer/)


  • Click "Link Ping.fm to Yammer"
  • Click "Authorize"
  • Copy authorization code
  • Go back to Ping.fm Yammer settings and paste code in box
  • Click "Complete Authorization"


X. Flickr (http://ping.fm/flickr/)


  • Click "Authenticate Ping.fm" and login to Flickr if necessary.
  • Click "Ok, I'll allow it"


* Application settings for Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/account/?tab=extend


XI.  Seesmic (http://ping.fm/seesmic/)


Before you can post videos from the Dashboard, you must add your Seesmic credentials.


  • Enter your Username and Password and click Submit.


XII. Laconi.ca (http://ping.fm/laconi.ca/)


  • Enter your Server name, Username, and Password, and click Submit.


* List of Laconi.ca servers: http://laconi.ca/trac/wiki/ListOfServers


XIII.  ShoutEm (http://ping.fm/shoutem/), Present.ly (http://presentlyapp.com/)


  • Enter your Server name, Username, and Password, and click Submit.


* Server name should be provided when you register for the service.

* Present.ly example server name: pingfm.presentlyapp.com

* ShoutEm example server name: pingfm.shoutem.com


XIV. Facebook Pages (http://ping.fm/fbpages/)



XV. Ning (http://ping.fm/ning/)


  • Enter your Ning URL, E-mail address and Password then click submit.


* Ning URLs are are the physical website address of the Ning community (i.e. http://geeks.pirillo.com/).  You can find a list of sites you are a member of by logging into http://www.ning.com/.

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