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Adjusting Grammar

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Social networks that accept status update messages commonly prefix your messages with the username you have selected at the network.  This is great and all, but some networks don't do this and cause strange looking messages to be posted. 


For example, say you post "is watching TV."  That message will end up on a network like Facebook as "USERNAME is watching TV."  But, if you also posted the same messages to a network like Blogger, or TypePad, the message would just show as posted: "is watching TV."  This can lead to confusion and chaos.  Alternatively, the same websites that prefix the username will do so to micro-blog method messages and make it look all sorts of weird. 


Enabling the "Adjust Grammar" option does two things:


First, it let's us know when you post a micro-blog message, prefix the message with "said:" for networks like Facebook or MySpace.  That way when they prefix your username, it doesn't look like "Sean Hey what's up?."  Instead it would show up as "Sean said: Hey what's up?"  This eliminates grammatical confusion for sites that primarily support status update messages.


Second, this setting enables the option to add your Ping.fm profile name to your messages for networks like Blogger that don't automatically include your username from the network.


You can include your Ping.fm profile name by putting a "%" character before the message.  So posting "% is watching TV." would show up on Blogger like "Sean is watching TV."  That is if you set your Ping.fm profile name to "Sean."


Also, when you include a "%" in a post, it will also tell us to NOT include "said:" before the message on networks like Facebook.  So posting the above message would show up on Facebook like "Sean is watching TV."  Where "Sean" is the name you have set on your Facebook profile.


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