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Messages Not Posting

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If you're posting messages and they don't seem to be making it where you expected, take a few moments to troubleshoot any issues you might be having.


1. Check your recent posts to ensure Ping.fm received your message and attempted to send it to the network(s) you expected. http://ping.fm/recent/


  • If your message does not appear in the list at all:
    • Ensure that your account is enabled for posting. http://ping.fm/settings/
    • If sending via e-mail, ensure you are sending to the correct address. http://ping.fm/email/
    • If using a 3rd party application, check your settings on that side and/or contact their support.
    • If sending via e-mail, it could be delayed in transit.  Please allow up to 2 minutes for e-mail posts to appear.
    • There is a rate limit of 3 messages per minute.
    • Try sending your message directly from the Ping.fm dashboard. http://ping.fm/dashboard/
  • If your message appears but does not list the network you expect:
    • Ensure that network and the appropriate method are enabled for posting
    • Verify the trigger you used includes the network and method you expected
  • If your message appears and lists the network you expect:
    • The remote network may be temporarily down.
    • Some networks require account confirmation, accepting TOS, or other configuration before performing actions.
    • Make sure you have the correct information in your Ping.fm settings (such as username/password, or OAuth)
    • Try logging into the network and posting your message manually.
    • If it has been over five minutes, the message has most likely failed and will not delivered at all.


Still having problems?  Try posting your issue on the help forums or send a message explaining what's going on.


Please include:


  • The source of your message (dashboard, e-mail, mobile, im bots, 3rd party site/app, etc...)
  • Post method (status, microblog, blog)
  • The expected target network(s)
  • Is the message in your recent list?
  • Any other relevant details


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