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Posting Moods

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Optionally with messages you post, you can include a mood to emphasize how you feel at the time the post is made.  This is particularly useful for sites like MySpace that give you the option to change your mood with a status update.  Granted, not every site has this feature, we made the mood option available for every site we support.  For the sites that don't have support for moods, we include the mood at the end of your message surrounded by [ ].


Posting moods is easy.  First, you need to make sure your "Post Moods" option in your default settings is enabled.  You can check that setting here: http://ping.fm/settings/default/.


After you confirm your setting are correct, simply add a "@d Mood" at the end of a message to post a mood.


Example: Posting the message "I'm having a great day @d Happy!" would show up on your social networks as "I'm having a great day [Happy!]"


That same message posted to MySpace would update your status with "I'm having a great day" and would change your mood to "Happy!".   If you use one of the known MySpace moods, the smiley face will also change to reflect your mood.


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