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Posting Photos

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When you post a status message, you also have the luxury of attaching a photo to go along with your post.  This comes in handy for showing your friends and followers exactly what you are doing when you posted your message.  Additionally, you can syndicate your photo to several social networks that we support who also support photo uploads.


You can include a photo in your posts in a variety of ways. 



When posting to photo services such as Flickr, you can set the title and description of the uploaded photo by incliding the "^" symbol in your message.  This works exactly like the blog method of posting messages.


Example: If you wanted to post a picture to Flickr, you could post "@fl This is my picture's title^This is my picture's description" - Doing so would post the attached photo with the title and description given in your message.  If you don't provide a description, "Posted by Ping.fm" will be the default description.


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