Posting Tags allows you to easily tag your status, photos, and blogs on various networks.  There are two ways to enter tags along with your message.


1. Hashtags.  Prepend each word you want tagged with a hash symbol (#).  This is a common method of tagging on Twitter.  The hash symbol will be removed from your message for networks that do not use the hashtagging.  The tag will be applied on the networks that support tagging.


Example: Posting "I am #posting #tags to" would tell to identify "posting" and "tags" as taggable items and post them throughout your networks.  For sites like Twitter that support inline hashtagging, the tags will remain in the message and your post will not be changed.


2. @t tags.  You can append your message with "@t" then list tags (comma separated).  These will be appended as hashtags on networks that support hashtagging, or as tags on networks that support tagging.  The tags used with @t will not be displayed on any other networks.


Example: Posting "I am posting tags to @t posting, tags" would tell to take the words after the "@t" delimiter and post them throughout your networks.  Again, for sites like Twitter that support hashtagging, the tags you include will be superimposed in the message you post.  So, posting this message would show up like "I am #posting #tags to" on Twitter et. al and for the other sites it would show up like "I am posting tags to" and the supplied tags would be included wherever they are posted normally.  


Sites that don't support hashtagging or generic tags will receive the message as-is.


Hashtag support:



Generic tag support:



Bookmarking tag support:



How do I know which to use?  What's the difference?


The hashtags will remain in your message in the same location you enter them.  The @t tags will only show up in sites that support tagging, and will be appended as a hashtag on the sites that support hashtagging.  You can use both hashtags and @t tags in a single message.


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