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Unwanted messages

Page history last edited by Ping.fm 11 years, 4 months ago

Ping.fm will not send out unsolicited messages to your social networks without your consent.  However, it is possible for messages to appear in your social networks that you did not intend for.  This is very rare.  If you believe this has happened to you, it does not mean your Ping.fm account was hacked, and it may not be necessary to reset all of your passwords.


First, verify the message was sent throug Ping.fm.  Check your Ping.fm recent posts to ensure the message is there: http://ping.fm/recent/.  Some services, such as Twitter, will display "from ping.fm" at the end of your message.



If your message was not sent via Ping.fm, it would be advisable to change the password on the network where your unsolicited message appeared.


If your message was sent via Ping.fm, here are more things to consider:


1. If you have your Ping.fm account set up to receive updates from instant messengers or SMS, someone may have sent the message over your phone or computer when you were not aware.


2. If you have your Ping.fm posting address stored in your e-mail contacts, it is possible an e-mail worm is sending e-mails to your contact list.  You can reset your Ping.fm posting address here: http://ping.fm/email


3. If you have recently used your Ping.fm application key in a 3rd party application, contact the vendor and/or reset your application key.  http://ping.fm/key


If none of the above help find the cause of the message, you can change your Ping.fm password (https://ping.fm/profile/) and/or disable your Ping.fm account (http://ping.fm/settings/), then use our contact form to describe the incident (http://ping.fm/contact/).  Please include a link to the message or the message itself.


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