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Ways To Post Updates

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Currently Ping.fm supports posting updates from any of the following.


  • Web Dashboard
  • E-Mail
    • Blogs - For blogs, format your message like Title^Body in the body of the email, or use the subject as the title of the blog. 
    • Pictures - Ping.fm accepts single picture attachment on e-mails.  Pictures must be JPG or PNG format, minimum file size of 1kb, maximum file size of 5mb. 
    • Signatures - Ping.fm will truncate the e-mail at the signature indicator (blank line followed by 2 or more dashes followed by another blank line)
    • Groups (Triggers) - Begin the body of your message with a service trigger (ex: @fb) or custom group name. (ex: #myblogs)
  • AOL Instant Messenger
  • GTalk / Jabber
    • Jabber bot (pingbot@bots.ping.fm) is only available to GTalk and Jabber.org users. 
    • Other jabber users can use the GTalk bot (pingdotfm@gmail.com).
  • Yahoo Messenger
  • Windows Live Messenger
    • Visibility may take a few minutes to a few hours after making friend a request.
  • Skype
    • Skype bot is only capable of receiving text ims, not voice calls.
  • SMS / Text Messaging International SMS / Text Messaging
    • Standard text messaging rates apply.  Ping.fm does not incur any extra cost.
    • Pictures - Ping.fm does not currently support pictures sent to the SMS number.  Please use E-Mail for picturemail.
    • Triggers - Begin your message with a service or custom trigger.
  • iGoogle Gadget
    • Enter your application key on the gadget using the "edit settings" dropdown on the gadget.
    • Your Ping.fm application key can be found here: http://ping.fm/key/


We're adding more features all the time, so please check your dashboard for an updated list.

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