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Posting with Google Reader

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Those of you familiar with Google Reader are probably aware of the share feature within the reader interface.  You can use this share feature to update your Ping.fm networks with a single click.  Follow the steps below to get started.


Adding your Google Reader feed:


  1. Point your browser to http://ping.fm/reader/ 
  2. Login if necessary
  3. Add your google username to the username box
    • You can find your google username by visiting this page: http://www.google.com/profiles/me
    • You can also use the beginning of your Gmail address.   i.e. username@gmail.com.  Where "username" would be your Google username
  4. Click "Add Feed"


If you have your Google Reader item's shared, the page will confirm that it has added your Google Reader feed successfully.  If you get an error, be sure you are sharing your reader feed to everyone:





Once complete, save your reader settings and then try to add your username to the Google Reader settings on Ping.fm again.


If all goes well, you are set up and ready to go.  To share items to Ping.fm, simply click "Share" in Google Reader!



And the result:



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